Alberta Alliance for Safe Body Art - Relaunch Protocols


Alberta Alliance for Safe Body Art - Relaunch Protocols

Welcome!  This training course is intended to inform and update body artists in Alberta, Canada on relaunch strategies as we return from the COVID-19 State of Emergency shut down. While this course is focused on Alberta Guidelines, we welcome artists and studio staff from around the world to partake in the information to ensure the health and safety of their clientele.

During this seminar, you will be provided information on environmental criteria, client handling, documentation, as well as an introduction to incoming Alberta Health guidelines for our industry, courtesy of the Alberta Alliance for Safe Body Art in partnership with Health Educators.  

It's suggested that every member of staff, including piercers, tattoo artists, shop personnel and management take this complimentary course and have your certificate of completion visible in your studio and online.

Please remember that while this course is for the safe reopening of body art studios, COVID-19 is an airborne illness and transmission is still possible.  Artists who are apprehensive, immune compromised or live with someone who is immune compromised should consider the possibility of not reopening until COVID-19 is under control.

There is a short exam at the end and your certificate will be available immediately for print.  You will need to create an account in order to get a certificate at the end.  Your username will be the name on the certificate.

The test should be taken on a laptop or desktop to be able to download the .pdf certificate.