BARBICIDE® Certification Course

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BARBICIDE® Certification Course

Welcome to BARBICIDE® Certification

This program is designed for anyone in the Professional Beauty Industry who believes that infection control is one of the most important concepts in the salon, spa or barbershop. By completing this course and becoming BARBICIDE® Certified you will demonstrate to your co-workers and, more importantly, your customers that delivering a safe service is important to you.

Once you have passed the quiz with at least 10/12 questions correct, you will receive a printable certificate and the option to purchase a BARBICIDE® Certification Kit for $29.99 + Free Shipping. A $50 value! This kit includes one of each:

  • Ship-Shape Sprayer for cleaning all of your non-porous surfaces and implements prior to disinfection
  • BARBICIDE® Wipes for disinfection of large work surfaces
  • BARBICIDE® Sprayer to disinfect implements after cleaning. This includes 6 (2 oz.) bullets of concentrate to refill the sprayer or make concentrate for immersion.

All of these products can be useful for practical exams and in the work environment!