Octagonny - 8 sides will make you happy - Free Introduction

Online Tutorial for 25 happy octagon blocks


Octagonny - 8 sides will make you happy - Free Introduction

We realized this quite by accident while translating the user manual of the patchwork design software Electricquilt (EQ8) into German. In EQ8, there is a drawing tool which offers special grids. These grids allow the design of particular blocks like octagons among others.

This harmless playing around at the PC resulted in the Sampler Quilt "Felicity" with 25 octagonal blocks which simply make us happy!

Within this series of patterns, you will receive detailed tutorials with templates and step-by-step instructions to make the 25 Octagonny blocks (9" or 22.5 cm finished size), which make up the Felicity quilt. This is the framework for numerous additional material, e.g. another, advanced layout option for Octagonny blocks, numerous variations of the blocks, advice for the borders, for finishing etc.

EQ8 users will find a short tutorial at the end of the course About how to draw your own octagon blocks with the tool "Polydraw Pieced".

Every other Sunday, you will receive a new block tutorial, so that you have one year to finish your own Octagonny sampler quilt. The additional bonus content will be offered in irregular intervals on the weekends in between the publication dates for the blocks.