102: Research and Writing with LOGOS

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102: Research and Writing with LOGOS

The overall goal of this course is to equip you to use LOGOS to quickly launch into research and write better papers. 

This is the third course in the Logos Training Program for Students.  If you need an overview of all the course, go here

Approximate Time to Complete this Course: 2 hours

Here's what we will cover:

1) Using the LOGOS Notes Tool to take notes and organize information

2) Using the LOGOS Factbook to begin the research process

3) Using the Favorites tool to organize content

4) Searching your LOGOS library for additional information

5) Finding and Using Citations

Tips on Using the Course:

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  • Use the Navigation menu ☰ in the top left to track your progress
  • Use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons at the bottom to move forward and backward.

*If you have any difficulties using this course, you can reach out to Chris at chris.mcmaster@faithlife.com.