Gospel Enneagram Assessment for People Launching Clients

This 8-12 minute questionnaire will give you statements about what you do, how you think and feel every day. It consists of 90 statements to which you need to respond.

During the assessment, keep in mind to:

  • Answer honestly and truthfully. Be assured that there are no right or wrong answers.
  • Trust your "gut" response to each statement as it is usually most accurate.
  • Rate the statements to all aspects throughout your whole life. Don't limit your responses to just one aspect like your home or work. And respond over your lifetime, not just what is true only today.
  • Complete the assessment in a place where you can focus without interruptions.

At the end, we will double-check your email so that we send your results to the right place.

After the assessment, we encourage you to share your personality style on Facebook and encourage your friends to take it. It's a great for building your friendships. Download your full report, take one of our courses or schedule a session with a Gospel Enneagram coach.