How do assessments work?

Assessments work a little bit like this:

There are result categories, this is where the outcome that a player can get. Then there are questions and answers. You can link answers to result categories. So when a user gives an answer one or more points are added to a result category. At the end one or more result categories are shown, based on which result has the most points of the maximum total points available in that category.

For example if you have the assessment "Which gladiator are you?".
Result categories could be: 

  • "Spartacus"
  • "Maximus Decimus Meridius"
  • "Proximo"

Then a question could be:
"Are you a former general of the Roman Legions?"

With answers:

  • Yes -> 1 point for result "Maximus Decimus Meridius"
  • No -> 1 point for "Spartacus" and 1 point for "Proximo"

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