How to create your own online quiz

Creating your own quiz is really easy with the Online Quiz Creator. Here we'll explain step by step how you can make your own quiz..

Step 1: Name your quiz

Start by entering the title of your quiz on the homepage:

Create a quiz


Step 2: Enter questions and answers

Add your first question and at least one correct answer and up to a maximum of 3 wrong answers:

 Enter your first quiz question


After entering the first question and answers you can preview the quiz by pressing the Play button:

Preview and play your quiz


Step 3: Save your quiz

After entering 3 questions you can save your quiz by pressing the save button. You can either create a new account or use your existing account. We just ask you the basics to be able to save your quiz, don't worry it's free and we won't spam :)

Create a quizmasters account


Step 4: Customize your online quiz

After saving your quiz, you’ll enter the Quimasters Dashboard:

Dashboard for managing quizzes


On the Quizmasters Dashboard you can add more quiz questions (unlimited amount of questions allowed!), change the settings of your quiz, see statistics and publish and share your quiz.

 Custom online quiz

For example, you can change the time people can play, choose a language, add a logo, adapt the colors of the text, buttons and background.

Customize your quiz


Step 5: Publish and share your quiz

When your finished with adding questions and customizing your quiz, you can publish your quiz. You can publish the quiz on your own website through an iframe. Or you can share the quiz through an url that is made on

publish and share your quiz


Step 6: Play! And watch your statistics :)

Finally, we can play! Enjoy your quiz, and let your friends, relations or customers play! Through the dashboard you can view and analyze the quiz statistics.

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