What is a moodboard?

For assessments the quizcreator allows you to have moodboards as result of the assessment. These are automatically generated from the answers your user gave and are a much more visual way to show the result of the assessment.

Example of a moodboard result page

A moodboard is a great way to visually show the results of an assessment or personality type test. Our moodboard results page uses the images the test-takers selects on basis of your test questions. It then provides visual feedback as a result, including a percentage score and a cateogry description.

Moodboard result of assessment

Example of a standard result page

The standard result page of our assesments and personality type tests include a score per category, but also a description per category. In our premium plans you can add images to the category description and you can also select if you want to show all the categories or just the main category a test-taker scores in.

Normal result page assessment

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