Hey Chica! Latina Leadership Summit 2024

Runs from Feb 13, 2024 until Mar 3, 2024

Runs from Feb 13, 2024 until Mar 3, 2024

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TG8 Solutions Insight -
Communication Indicator Assessment.

This assessment aims to analyze your communication style through a set of 15 brief questions. Each communication style is accompanied by a descriptor that illuminates essential attributes related to your interaction and collaboration with others. The assessment is designed to be completed in less than 10 minutes. Once finished, you will promptly receive your results, so please check your spam folder.

There are no absolute right or wrong responses, so feel at ease, be open, and provide sincere and transparent answers during the assessment.

Gaining self-awareness enables us to cultivate empathy for others, marking a significant initial stride in the "No Mean Girl Movement".