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In today’s changing healthcare industry, why is a learning management system necessary? With a great number of the world’s population getting older (and living longer), investing in healthcare is more important than ever. And it’s not just by investing in great equipment, but also by training the workforce to use them in an effective way. How can you achieve that with a learning management system?

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Why use an LMS in the healthcare industry?

An effective learning management system (LMS) allows you to automate and systematize training across the organization. It makes possible to identify the best talents amongst your doctors, nurses, technicians and other healthcare staff. In other words, an LMS is a strategic way of maximizing the quality of care and efficiency of their operations.

So, an LMS can be used to set up online courses to train your staff on various subjects, from how to treat patients to how to enter data in a computer. Why is using a learning management system so effective? Because it makes possible to create online courses and share them with your staff, who can take them from any device (personal or not) anytime, anywhere. You can set up a date in which the courses will be available and when staff members need to take them again. It’s also possible to add an exam inside the course, determine a pass rate and limit the number of attempts. From the course dashboard, you can see your staff’s learning progress and scores.

Using an online LMS saves hospitals and healthcare facilities a huge amount of time and money, while keeping your staff up to speed with the best practices.

The healthcare industry is vulnerable

The ransomware (WannaCry) attack in May 2017 is a proof that the hospitals are incredibly vulnerable to attacks like these. Experts say old machines and outdated software at hospitals contributed to the spread of the ransomware, and that could put patient safety in risk. A lot of the healthcare hardware – like MRI machines, ventilators, and some types of microscopes – are actually computers. If the software used in those machines is old, and doesn’t receive regular updates, it becomes vulnerable to attacks like this. However, updating the machines’ software comes hand in hand with training the heathcare staff to use it. That’s why you need an LMS!

What makes our tool so suitable for the healthcare industry?

With our LMS, there are multiple resources to set up online courses – you can add images, videos, audios, practice questions, exams, assessments, and even issue a certificate for those who complete the course. You are able to see when each specific staff member started and finished a course, and their score in an exam. That can help you identify talents within your organization and also show you which employees need more training. Giving access to your course is also very easy: you can simply share the link generated by our system, or add users to it, so each employee gets an email with a unique combination of link and password to access your course.

You don’t need to be a geek to be able to use our LMS, it’s very intuitive and easy to use. And it comes with great costumer support! Taking a course or exam with our tool is also very easy, just click on a link and you’ll be walked through the process! Training your healthcare staff has never been easier.

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