LMS for the real estate industry

If you own or manage a real estate agency, you know that keeping your and your team’s brokering knowledge up-to-date requires constant training. You need to be informed about the latest market trends, mortgage options, zoning laws, among other things. And that’s an even harder task to achieve if you consider the fact that most real estate agencies have offices in wide-spread geographical locations, perhaps even countries.

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Using a fully automated LMS saves you time, energy and money. Why? Because you take the action of creating your learning content only once. Even if you have to update it every now and then, it’s still a lot simpler than giving your instructions face to face in a classroom, for example, with paper-based exams.

Flexible & fully automated

Once created, you can share your training material effortlessly with your whole team with a few clicks. They can then complete the training at their own pace, using their own devices and not (necessarily) taking up office hours to do so. You and your team will have more flexibility. Also, the process is fully automated which means our system keeps track of the people who have started the training, those who are still taking it and those who have already finished. You can even issue a certificate at the end for the ones that successfully complete your training!

Fully responsive

Our tool is set up to be 'fully responsive', which means your training programs will look awesome and work beautifully on all sorts of devices - including desktop or laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets.

If you have any device with a screen that is connected to the internet: You're good to go!

Easy to update

A new zoning law just came out? There was a change in some building regulations? Easy. Instead of just sending a lengthy email to your staff with lots of attachments that will get lost in their computer, create a beautiful course to share the news with them. Add videos, practice questions and make the whole experience more engaging & interactive for your users.


Real estate is serious business. And by using our LMS, you leave the hard work to us 💪 so you can focus on the most important tasks: managing your team and closing deals! So, start creating your first training program now!

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