How does the scoring algorithm in the quiz works?

The scoring algorithm for the quiz is as following:

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The first question is worth 100 points. Every next question is worth more points, and these extra points increase with a 100 for every question. So every question becomes more valuable, see the first column below (question points).

Then you have  a time bonus. This way you get more points when you answer more quickly. It's a multiplier of the points that a question is worth and the maximum multiplier is 0.8.

See the example below for an indication of the maximum score for a quiz with 7 questions!

Question Points Time bonus Final Score
1 100 80 180
2 300 240 720
3 600 480 1,800
4 1,000 800 3,600
5 1,500 1,200 6,300
6 2,100 1,680 10,080
7 2,800 2,240 15,120

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