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  • What is employee training?

    Training your employees is a prerequisite for a creative, happy, and productive workforce. Unfortunately, employees and management often dismiss employee training as boring or unneeded. But, it is the backbone of your organization. Let us explain why!

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  • Advantages and disadvantages of employee training

    You might think that the purpose of employee training is to simply teach your employees the basic skills required for the job. But its benefits are much more far-reaching! It helps make the most of your employees’ potential and ensures employee satisfaction! Despite its many benefits, employee training also comes with its own challenges. If you are considering implementing employee training, check out this list to see whether the pros outweigh the cons.

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  • How to identify the training needs of your employees?

    Employees can be like children. Parents with more than one child can tell you that each child is different. What works with one child doesn’t necessarily work with another. It’s a similar situation with employees. The same rules don’t apply to everybody. So how can you identify the training needs of your employees? A good idea is to carry out tests and surveys to find out more about each employee’s personality, work style, and knowledge gaps.

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  • The importance of employee training

    It’s expensive, too complicated, it takes too many resources, and it’s very time-consuming. If you ask organizations why they don’t invest in employee training, this is the typical answer you’ll get. Wrong! Organizations underestimate the importance and impact of employee training on knowledge, skill, and business level.

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