MICN Training Course

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MICN Training Course

This course is comprised of the following components:

  1. EMS System Overview (19 minute video module)
  2. EMS Personnel Training & Scope of Practice (15 minute video module)
  3. EMS Legal Matters (18 minute video module)
  4. EMS Communications (14 minute video module)
  5. EMS Specialty Systems of Care (17 minute video module)
  6. EMResource, Ambulance Diversion & APOT (9 minute video module) 
  7. EMS MCI/Disaster Response (26 minute video module)
  8. Final Exam (30 multiple choice questions, 80% passing score required)

Please read all of the following before proceeding:

  • The 'Name' you enter on the following registration page will be printed on your course completion & CE certificates. Please enter your full first & last name.
  • The course will take approximately 3 hours to complete.
  • If you need to exit the course, please use the same name and email you entered during the initial registration process when you resume. 
  • You must watch each of the videos and pass the final exam to complete the course. A completion certificate will be automatically sent to the email you enter on the following registration page. 3 BRN/EMS CEUs will be issued within 14 days of course completion.
  • If you experience technical issues with the course, it is recommended that you utilize a different computer and/or browser to attempt to resolve the the issue. 
  • Click the 'NEXT' button on the right of the screen when you are ready to begin.