Minor Officiating Water Polo - Supervisor


Minor Officiating Water Polo - Supervisor


As stated in the Minor Officials Handbook:

Minor officials are there to assist the referees in their duties, and are required to defer to the referee’s judgement. Minor officials are the game administrators and are there to provide support to the game referees, athletes, coaches, and spectators. A water polo match cannot run efficiently without efficient minor officials. The game referees have the final say on all matters pertaining to the game. If for any reason the referee or a tournament delegate (ie Referee-in-Chief (RIC) or Water Polo Canada Representative) feels compelled to replace a bench official they may do so.

Professionalism and Attire

As minor officials are considered game officials, it is necessary that they be conducted with a degree of impartiality. Minor officials must refrain from cheering or providing support outside of their administrative duties to the teams in the water.

Minor officials are entitled to the same protection offered referees with regards to abuse of an official. If a minor official is abused in any fashion, this abuse shall be reported to the game referees, tournament RIC, and other tournament delegates, whom will then apply the appropriate rule.

Water Polo Canada will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse toward the officials, coaches, Water Polo Canada staff/representatives, or the tournament organizers for the duration of any event sanctioned by Water Polo Canada.¹

The Tournament Committee will automatically warrant a tournament suspension to the offender guilty of any physical or verbal abuse. Further sanctions could apply pending review of the incident by the Water Polo Canada Executive Director.¹

¹Water Polo Canada, 2010 NCCH, Section B 10.5, page 15