Portfolio Outline: Right to Work

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Portfolio Outline: Right to Work

Hello, and welcome to the outline of our Right to Work Training Portfolio, presented by the TWO Academy!

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What's in this portfolio?

  • The Right to Work Portfolio contains three courses; 
  • Introduction to Right to Work in the UK
  • Understanding UK Visa Categories
  • How to Verify an Identity Document
  • Each course comes with a downloadable workbook which can be filled out with information from the course and contains resources for future reference
  • Upon completion of each course there is a test, and when the participant passes, they will receive a certificate for the course

The aim of this portfolio is to teach you the three main elements in making successful checks for right to work purposes. By learning the right to work rules, understanding the meaning behind the words you see on visas and how to examine an identity document, you will have all the basic skills needed to conduct a right to work check.

All of our courses have been written by our founder, immigration and compliance expert Ian Westwood. If you are interested in having Ian train you in person, please click here

If you have any questions or enquiries, please contact us by email at info@twolimited.co.uk