Real Estate Consultancy Review (Part 1A)

(Fundamentals of Real Estate Consulting and USPRCP)


Real Estate Consultancy Review (Part 1A)

Welcome! Here is the "Review and Coaching Sessions for Real Estate Consultant Licensure Exam 2020" Course Program

* Please note that this original program was made for enrollees of the program before lockdown.

* When the two other programs were offered in consideration of the lockdown, hybrid system was introduced. Though the last program was revised again on the context of limited time for the participants to prepare the PFS. 

Original Course Program

This Course is a 12 days Program. There are 13 subjects in the exams but our specialized REC program has revised the subjects into double program. An addition to that is a third program, which is a refresher purely questions review. What does it mean? You are not only reviewing for the licensure exam but also learning continuing skills for the development of Consultants. You are treated as practicing Consultant that needs to know these skills and knowledge in preparing the Project Feasibility Study to Client/s.

Our course outline will help guide you pass the exams. provided you do your part. The original course program in 12 days divided into 3 weekends every month was converted to online available from June 22 until Aug 14, 2020. Hereunder is the Original Course Outline. 

The Program trust is PFS Writing, which is 40% of the Exams. 

  1. Onsite Part 1 & 2A (1st weekend) = Fundamentals (F1&2). Converted online accessible 24/7 in 1 week
  2. Onsite Part 2 (2nd weekend) = Professional  (Revised Course Subjects). Converted online accessible 24/7 in 4 weeks
  3. Onsite Part 2B (3rd weekend) = Professional Practice Evaluation (Exclusive Course). Converted online accessible 24/7 in 3 weeks


(8 weeks = 56 days) lessons accessible 24/7 

Part 1A (Fundamentals) June 22-July 5

June 22 - July 5 Course Introduction; Fundamentals of Consulting (F1); Standards and Ethics (F2); 2.1 USPRCP, 2.2 Code of Ethics and Responsibilities; Quiz

Part 2A (Professional Consultancy Practice) July 6 - Aug 2

  • July 6 - July 12 Project Feasibility Writing Conceptual (Distinguishing Business Plan and PFS), 
  • July 13 - 19 RE Development, PFS Outline, and Quiz
  • July 20 - 26 Four Basic Aspect of RE Dev. PFS, Different Analysis Tools
  • July 27 - Aug 2 Real Estate Consulting Engagements, Business Communication/Technical Writing

Part 1B (Fundamentals) Aug 3 - 9

  • Aug 3 - 8  Real Estate Body of Knowledge, Real Estate Finance and Economics

Part 2B (Professional Consultancy Practice) Aug 10 - Aug 23

  • Aug 10 - Aug 16 Investment Measurement Tools, Consulting for Distressed Properties
  • Aug 17 - Aug 23 Leasing and Buying Analysis of Properties and Case Studies, 

Some Perspective on Consulting Practice

Kindly check what are the perspective of being a Consultant. This will be helpful inputs in our journey to your study program. 

Knowledge Evaluation. Take it first before you proceed.