S-SV EMS 2020 Regional Training Module

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S-SV EMS 2020 Regional Training Module

The course is comprised of the following video training modules:

  1. Evaluation & Management of Geriatric Trauma (45 Min.)
  2. The VF Cardiac Arrest Patient: What Works & What Doesn't Work (15 Min.)
  3. EMS Ethics & Legal Matters (13 Min.)
  4. EMS Patient Care Documentation: (10 Min.)

Please read all of the following instructions before proceeding:

  • IMPORTANT: Please enter your actual first and last name (i.e., "John Smith") in the 'Your username' box on the following page, as this is the name that will be printed on both your course completion and CE certificates.
  • The password you enter during course registration will allow you to pause/exit the course (if necessary), and resume at a later time.
  • The course with take approximately 2 hours to complete, and should be completed on a computer or tablet to ensure the best learning experience. 
  • You must watch each of the video modules in their entirety, as well as pass the final exam to successfully complete the course. The final exam includes 20 multiple choice questions. You must obtain at least 75% (15 out of 20 points) in order to receive a course completion certificate. You are allowed multiple attempts to pass the exam.
  • Upon successful course completion, a course completion certificate will be automatically sent to the email you enter during the course registration. This certificate is not valid for CEUs. BRN/EMS CEU certificate issuance instructions will be described on the exam start page. The time spent on each training video is automatically logged by the program, and will be verified prior to the issuance of a CEU certificate.