Technology Onboarding Part 1

Information Technology Training for LSC New Hires

Let's get started!

Technology Onboarding Part 1

The overarching goal of this course is to help you get acquainted with the scope of our information technology resources.  It does not cover any one system in depth but instead prepares you for the next few weeks of training on our various technologies - starting with your very first day at LSC. 

By the end of this short course you should be able to:

  • Send emails to LSC distribution lists.
  • Set up your email signature.
  • View or add shared calendars.
  • Visit eWeb to find answers to questions and self-help.
  • Make calls to colleagues and record your voicemail greeting.
  • Know what to expect for additional technology training. 

We expect that you will complete this course at your convenience prior to your next training appointment.  If you have questions about your next training, contact Nell Schaffer in OHR.