The basics of mechanical ventilation for JMS

(Reviewed 6th September 2021)


The basics of mechanical ventilation for JMS

This short module was developed at Monash Health by Monash Doctors Education in collaboration with key units. It is designed for JMS starting in ICU and was originally designed at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic (in case JMS or SMS needed to be allocated to ICU).

It's designed to provide you with some practice at:

  • Nomenclature and knobology: Identifying the key settings in order to safely use a ventilator
  • Interpreting arterial blood gas findings in the context of mechanical ventilation
  • Using available clinical information to determine appropriate ventilator settings
  • Considering the personal protective requirements for managing COVID 19 patients in the ICU/ventilation setting

It will take about 20 minutes to complete the 12 questions and is based on a typical case scenario.

The correct answer will appear after you attempt each question, and there are multiple links to more detailed information for you to either view or download on your device.

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