The Dream King Book Study

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The Dream King Book Study

Welcome to the first Millcreek Community UM Church virtual book study. Our book is co-authored by Will Ford and Matt Lockett and it centers around healing racism, a timely issue that continues to cause division and great pain in our churches and communities. It knows no boundaries, harms people of all colors and creeds, and cannot be cured without spiritual influence.  

I freely admit I am not an expert in the topic, nor do I desire to be your teacher. I am simply the facilitator. The Holy Spirit is the expert teacher, and my prayer is that we will be illuminated and guided by His power as we navigate the deep and often treacherous waters of racial relations and then seek divine healing for damaged and broken relationships.

The format is very basic. We will read the book and then complete a question and answer review weekly, with time off for the weeks of Christmas and New Years holidays. A printable schedule may be found in our study for week one.  Comments are desired and may be posted on the book study page on our website. This is a forum that is also open to those beyond our immediate church family, so comments will be made visible after review. 

The book is readily available from many online retailers. Free copies are also available to those who need one. Simply send a request to me at

Due to subject matter, portions of the book may be uncomfortable to process. I pray for grace and peace for those moments. At the same time, there are other parts that will have us recognize that God is very much involved in our lives while we trod this temporary home we call earth. Anonymity is assured to promote open and honest Christ-like dialogue that will cause us to cry out to Jesus and each other for forgiveness, healing and restoration. 

Will and Matt also have a website with additional information you will find helpful. You can find it at

May this be a means of learning, personal and corporate growth and expanding His kingdom! 

Pastor Greg