We Will Not Be Silenced

Responding courageously to our culture's assault on Christianity

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We Will Not Be Silenced

Welcome to our second virtual book study. I pray that you will find it worthy of your time and energy. Dr. Erwin Lutzer is a well- respected pastor, author and Bible teacher, and this timely book is perhaps the most important of any that he has written. The book is informational and motivational in nature, and Pastor Lutzer writes much like he preaches; truthful and in a simple, clear, and conversational manner. Even so, you may find some of the topics to be difficult and at times perhaps challenging to your faith. I encourage you to approach the book with an open mind and new eyes and seek God’s counsel in the areas you may disagree or even struggle with. You may not agree with everything he writes, but you will agree with some things!

The subtitle “Responding courageously to our culture’s assault on Christianity” gives us a clue to the content. The introduction by Dr. David Jeremiah spells out the purpose of the book with three “e” words. The author examines the cultural issues Christians are facing, explains them in a clear and objective fashion and then exhorts us to respond to what is happening.

Christian persecution is nothing new. In a way it predates Christianity, as Satan’s lies, half-truths, and covert attacks began long before Jesus first came to earth as the Christ-child. What is new is that persecution of Christians has now become mainstream and acceptable in America. The preferred method is not clandestine raids on our Sunday worship services or Wednesday Bible studies but ostracization on social media. To compound the problem, “Big-Tech” filters and censors our attempts to resist. Adding the faulty assumption that the church must “accept or acquiesce” to our culture in order to redeem it” (page 16), crisis becomes the perfect word to describe the current situation.

Unfortunately, we will continue to fight great battles to avoid further separation of grace and truth. Even so, we from the Scriptures that holiness and righteousness will prevail in the end. I trust you will find this book helpful and inspirational in becoming an educated, informed, and courageous witness of our faith. As the author states on page 17, “the day of casual commitment to the gospel must come to an end”. I pray we will be inspired to renew our own commitment to boldly sharing the truth, the good news of Jesus Christ.