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Since 2017 we’ve organized summer internships in cooperation with Proteus Eretes. Would you like a paid summer job this year? And to learn different skills than you learn at university? Join us! Our summer internships will start at the beginning of July 2022! 

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Easy LMS is a multidisciplinary company. At our company, we have developers, consultants, product owners, and designers. In our development team, we have the following internship position available:

What can you expect?

What you make will be used by real clients

This summer, we will prepare you for real working life in the area of development. We’ll treat you as a regular team member. This means that you will actively participate in our daily routines, tasks, and projects. You will write real code and make features, used by real clients. So you can experience how things work in a real work environment. As a regular team member, we appreciate your opinion and ideas. So share them with us, be vocal.

Do not worry: we won’t throw you in at the deep end. During your summer internship, you will get active guidance. We will start with some onboarding courses, using our own LMS, of course. This will help you to get to know the company and our LMS a bit better. Also, you will team up with a senior team member. He or she will help you and answer your questions.

At our office, there’s plenty of time for relaxation. We (try to) barbecue every month, provide extensive bread lunches, and celebrate the end of the week with a borrel.

Want to know more about what it’s like to work at Easy LMS? Read our blog.

Enthusiastic ex-Summer Interns

This Summer Internship is the perfect opportunity to learn different skills they can’t teach you at university. Besides that, it is really cool to contribute to a tool that is used very often. I wouldn’t have missed this experience, partly because the team was so friendly and helpful.

Rens, Developer, Summer Internship 2017

I had never expected to learn this much in such a short period. I became a real developer, awesome!

Tim, Developer, Summer Internship 2018

I really like to be part of an international team and help clients from around the world. I wanted to develop my listening and oral communication skills. Giving demos helped me with that. Actually, it was a real eye-opener!

Sharda, Implementation Consultant, Summer Internship 2019

Joining Easy LMS is a small step from student life to working life. It was sort of a ‘warm bath’ where the transition is not very big, but still big enough to experience what it is like to work and be part of a company.

Dennis, Developer, Summer Internship 2020

Read the complete interview with Dennis about his summer internship.


Q: Do I work at your office during the Summer Internship?
A: Yes, of course. It is what we prefer. At our office, you’ll learn the most, and we’ll also learn from you. You’ll even get your own spot. If working at the office is possible again, depending on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: Can I work from home?
A: We’d prefer not. We think it is better if you’re at the office because we can guide you better. But if the government decides working from home is necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll stick to their rules.

Q: Do I get paid during the Summer Internship?
A: Yes, you’ll get decent compensation. When you’re here to meet us, we’ll discuss this.

Q: How long does the Summer Internship last?
A: Six weeks is the minimum, but if you want to stay longer, that’s not a problem. Already planned a summer trip? Also, not a problem. We’ll make sure it fits both of our agendas.

Q: What are the working hours?
A: We’re quite flexible. You can choose your start time as long as you’re in the office by 9:30 am. A decent time to begin, right?

Q: Lunch and coffee?
A: Lunch and coffee are very important to us, and we provide both at our office. We are known for our lunches: boiled eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, avocados, and lots of spreads. At our office, this is normal. Our coffee machine is also famous. You can make espressos, cappuccinos, or just regular coffee. We use roasted coffee beans that are delivered weekly by Miss Morrison. Not a fan of coffee? Not a problem. We have a variety of teas, and our fridge is bulging from all the juices and sodas. At our weekly Friday afternoon drinks, we serve various special beers.

Q: What language do you speak at the office?
A: We are an international, young company. Our communication language is English. Still, sometimes it happens that we fall back to our mother tongue. It’s a force of habit.

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