French-speaking implementation consultant (hybrid)

Do you like to have an in-depth understanding of what makes clients tick? Would you like to combine this understanding with product knowledge to help clients tackle their e-learning challenges? Easy LMS is looking for a French-speaking implementation consultant to help our 2,000+ clients worldwide get the most out of our online learning management system (LMS). Join us on our mission to bring effective and accessible e-learning to employees around the world 🚀!

What will you do as an implementation consultant?

As an implementation consultant, your role in the company will be twofold:

  1. Help clients get the most out of our tool by combining your product knowledge and understanding of their needs.
  2. Communicate your knowledge about our clients with the rest of the company.

You will enable clients at all stages of implementation, including pre-sales and ongoing use, to optimize our LMS by:

  • Being the first point of contact for our clients. You will mainly focus on our French market but will also support clients around the world.
  • Giving product demos to prospective clients to identify if there are gaps between their requirements and our LMS.
  • Answering client inquiries through written support (chat and email).
  • Developing in-depth product knowledge of Easy LMS.
  • Qualifying and recording the needs of clients for further product development.

You will bring your in-depth knowledge of our clients to the table by playing an essential part in one of our autonomous problem-solving teams. Participating in a problem-solving team means you will:

  • Work closely together with your multi-disciplinary team of back-end developers, front-end developers, and implementation consultants to build valuable features for our clients.
  • Join feature planning meetings where you discuss how to solve problems from the client's perspective.
  • Participate in writing the solution proposals for the product owner.
  • Write help articles and other content to help our clients discover and benefit from new features.

Who are we looking for?

The most important thing is your personality and drive

The most important thing is your personality and drive. To be the right person for this role, you should:

  • Enjoy helping people and reaching out to clients.
  • Have a can-do attitude and resolve to overcome hurdles.
  • Take an interest in understanding our clients.
  • Enjoy collaborating with team members of different disciplines.
  • Be adaptable and quickly adjust to changes and new processes.

Besides this, we expect you to:

  • Speak and write French as a first language or equivalent level.
  • Speak and write English at a proficient business level.
  • Have excellent communication and writing skills.
  • Be available for at least 32 hours a week.
  • Have 1 to 3 years of experience in a similar role.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent working experience.

This position can be fulfilled partly remotely as we support working from home. But we expect you to be able to come to the office 2-3 days a week. You can also work entirely from our office. It's up to you!

What do we offer?

We learn from our mistakes and work in a way that prioritizes learning over results
  • Focus on personal growth and development. We learn from our mistakes and work in a way that prioritizes learning over results.
  • An open and diverse team of young and experienced colleagues.
  • A calm company that cares about its employees, physically and mentally. For instance, we offer monthly chair massages, healthy lunches, and a very green office. On top of that: we don’t do overtime.
  • An agile environment with a lot of freedom, responsibility, and flexibility to shape your working life to your personal life.
  • We alternate normal working weeks with play weeks where we step away from our daily work and dedicate time to side projects and experimenting with (new) technical stuff.
  • We provide you with all the hardware you need to do your job, such as a standing desk, multiple screens, monitor glasses, and so on.
  • We celebrate success and alternate smart and focused work with relaxing moments, like barbecuing, and Friday afternoon drinks!
  • An attractive salary and secondary benefits.

Read what makes Easy LMS special.

About Easy LMS

We are a growing software company with an international team passionate about personal growth and development. The outcome is a user-friendly LMS that stimulates effective learning and makes training enjoyable! Our primary focus is employee training for small and medium-sized businesses, but we deliver a great training experience for any scenario and every team!

We have over 2,000 clients in more than 120 countries, aiming to triple our size in the next three years. Our office is located in the center of Delft. We are a small, agile company, and we have a collegial culture of supporting each other as a team. Our aim is also to be a calm company where you can be proud of your achievements.

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A day in the life of an implementation consultant

Let's assume you'll be working from the office!

9:00 First, a cup of coffee and a look at your calendar. It's a full day 🙂.

9:15 You prepare for a meeting with your problem-solving team.

9:30 Meeting time! You discuss the progress of zoom images, a feature frequently asked for by our clients. The developers need your input on where we want to use zoom images: only in Exams, or Courses too?

10:00 It’s your turn to clear the ticket inbox, so your colleagues can focus on other tasks. You have to answer questions from clients in our support system. Our automated bot replied to most of the easy questions. Only interesting questions are left. While replying to clients' questions, you report the feedback to Productboard, our internal tool used to collect and prioritize feature requests.

12:00 Demo time with a potential client in Paris! You demonstrate the LMS, scope the prospect's needs, and discuss how Easy LMS can be a viable solution.

12:30 Lunchtime! We serve an extensive bread lunch with boiled eggs, local cheeses, and biological spreads.

13:00 You have a weekly consultant meeting. You discuss some challenging questions from the past week and evaluate your improvements in support. Last week, the team decided to ask every client about their industry to define our target audience better. Did it help?

14:00 Time to unwind! You need to refocus for an upcoming call.

14:15 Time to call. A client left some questions, but you don’t fully understand his problem. You have the gut feeling that his problem holds another problem. You want to find out.

15:00 You process the client request as a feature request.

15:30 One final look at the ticket inbox. There are only a few questions left.

16:30 You end the day by updating a help article because your problem-solving team just released a new feature.


Are you keen to work with us? Please explain your motivation in an email and send it with your resume to Do you have questions about this vacancy? You can contact Caroline Heijkoop on +31 683712762.

Message for recruiters and headhunters

We understand that you may want to look for candidates for this vacancy, but we prefer to do that ourselves.