Online copywriter/editor with a feel for marketing

Does writing come easy to you? Are you pleased when you have written an appealing text that convinces your target audience? Do you enjoy coordinating the production of visual content? We are looking for an online content copywriter/editor for our learning management system that can use their writing and project management skills to communicate our story and brand on our website. Keep calm and apply at Easy LMS!

Communication Owl What will you do as a copywriter/editor?

Your tasks will be broad, diverse, and dynamic. First, you will collaborate with the content manager on positioning Easy LMS and building our brand. You will be involved in all phases of content production, including conceptualization, creation, editing, and publishing. You will translate our content strategy into targeted content for several communication channels, from our website to LinkedIn.

Your main task: creating textual content

You will manage the content on Easy LMS’ website. English is our source language. Much of your writing capacity will go into our Knowledge Center, our lead generation channel with insightful background articles about e-learning and employee training. You will write content in short cycles to ensure a fast turnaround time and timeboxing. You will experiment with texts, measure the results, and iterate on them so that we can improve our information faster.

On top of this, you will be responsible for editing content to verify whether it matches our tone of voice, style, and brand guides.

Other tasks

We use visual content, like videos, animation, and illustrations, to market and clarify our product. You will take the lead in collecting new client testimonials, managing our YouTube channel, and distributing our animations. You will use your analytical skills to determine what other visual content we need to reach our target audience.

Your team

You will be part of a small and enthusiastic team of two

You will be part of a small and enthusiastic team of two. You'll actively seek collaboration with other disciplines to get the information you need to make effective communication material. Therefore, the content team will expand with colleagues with specific expertise during content cycles. You will also be added to our problem-solving teams (a combination of developers and implementation consultants) when needed.

What will your responsibilities be?

  • Bring Easy LMS' story across on our current (and new) communication platforms.
  • Monitor and ensure that the position of Easy LMS remains strong for our B2B target audience.
  • Develop product knowledge and understanding of Easy LMS to write accurate content.
  • Create and edit content based on our communication strategy and product vision.
  • Continuously improve textual and visual content and update the information to match the latest product changes, e-learning trends, and marketing standards.
  • Advise and brainstorm on content strategy.
  • Initiate and coordinate visual productions.
  • Create and send our monthly newsletter and maintain our LinkedIn page.
  • Monitor the translatability of content.

Who are we looking for?

Speak and write English at a native speaker level

You are a match if you:

  • Are available for 32 hours a week.
  • Have a bachelor's or master's in communication, journalism, or English.
  • Are a recent graduate with 1-2 years of experience and looking to take the next step in your career.
  • Speak and write English at a native speaker level.
  • Love writing, and it comes easily to you.
  • Are meticulous about grammar and love to teach your colleagues about grammar rules and effective communication.
  • Are proactive, enthusiastic, social, and creative.
  • Thrive in a fast-changing environment.
  • Take the initiative to find improvement opportunities and act on them.
  • Are interested in software development and like to encourage specialists to describe (complex) features in compelling and engaging ways.

It's not a must, but it is a real pro if you have:

  • Worked with content management systems, so we can learn from you how to design ours better.
  • Experience with optimizing for search engines, so you can share tips and tricks to improve our SEO.
  • Experience with using LinkedIn to draw an audience to our brand.

This position can be fulfilled partly remotely as we support working from home. But we expect you to be able to come to the office 2-3 days a week. You can also work entirely from our office. It's up to you!

What do we offer?

We learn from our mistakes and work in a way that prioritizes learning over results
  • Focus on personal growth and development. We learn from our mistakes and work in a way that prioritizes learning over results.
  • An open and diverse team of young and experienced colleagues.
  • A calm company that cares about its employees, physically and mentally. For instance, we offer monthly chair massages, healthy lunches, and a very green office. On top of that: we don't do overtime.
  • An agile environment with a lot of freedom, responsibility, and flexibility to shape your working life to your personal life.
  • We alternate normal working weeks with play weeks where we step away from our daily work and dedicate time to side projects and experimenting with (new) technical stuff.
  • We provide you with all the hardware you need to do your job, such as a standing desk, multiple screens, monitor glasses, and so on.
  • We celebrate success and alternate smart and focused work with relaxing moments, like barbecuing, and Friday afternoon drinks!
  • An attractive salary and secondary benefits.

Read what makes Easy LMS special.

About Easy LMS

We are a growing software company with an international team passionate about personal growth and development. The outcome is a user-friendly LMS that stimulates effective learning and makes training enjoyable! Our primary focus is employee training for small and medium-sized businesses, but we deliver a great training experience for any scenario and every team!

We have over 2,000 clients in more than 120 countries, aiming to triple our size in the next three years. Our office is located in the center of Delft. We are a small, agile company, and we have a collegial culture of supporting each other as a team. Our aim is also to be a calm company where you can be proud of your achievements.

Apply now!

A day in the life of a copywriter/editor

Let's assume you will be working from our office!

9:00 First, a cup of coffee and a look at your calendar. It's a full day 🙂.

9:15 You prepare for a meeting with the content manager and an implementation consultant. You are in the middle of a short content production cycle to update the solutions pages on the website.

9:30 Meeting time! You discuss your progress. How many pages are already (re)written? How many do we need? Which ones can be reviewed by you? Do we need input from a specialist?

9:45 Time to focus. You turn off Slack and close your email inbox to write for two hours in absolute silence.

11:00 Aaargh, you are stuck and need extra information from an implementation consultant. You open Slack and ask if the dedicated consultant is available for a quick Q&A. A positive reaction, yes! You start an online meeting to get your questions answered.

11:30 You have enough information to finish your text. Your creativity and writing spirit keep flowing!

12:00 You access the online content board that gives an overview of the current status of (re)written content. Four texts need a final edit. You start with the top one!

12:30 Lunchtime! We serve an extensive bread lunch with boiled eggs, local cheeses, and biological spreads.

13:00 You have a meeting with the videographer to update them about the next client story.

14:00 You continue writing content. You call dibs on the final text that needs to be written. You start with an outline and request your colleague's feedback.

14:15 While waiting for the feedback, you start collecting information on the topic.

14:30 Your outline has been approved! You are ready to write!

16:30 You are out of inspiration. So, time to put your text aside and upload the new pricing page you wrote a few days ago. You proudly tell your colleagues and you also notify the translators, when it’s online.

17:00 You see a minor bug on the website. You log the bug and ensure it reaches the development teams.

17:15 You end the day by providing feedback on three illustrations for our blog.


Are you keen to work with us? Please explain your motivation in an email and send it with your resume to Do you have questions about this vacancy? You can contact Caroline Heijkoop on +31 683712762.

Message for recruiters and headhunters

We understand that you may want to look for candidates for this vacancy, but we prefer to do that ourselves.