Personalized internship for software engineers

Do you want to learn different skills than at university? Or do you want to put what you’ve learned into practice? We always have space for talent in our nest! Get your personalized software engineering internship at Easy LMS! 

Software developer What is a personalized internship?

An internship tailored to your needs

A personalized internship is an internship tailored to your needs. Therefore we will ask you a few questions, like:

  • How would you describe your level of development skills?
  • What code languages do you have experience with?
  • What technical skills do you want to improve?

These questions boil down to one overarching question: what do you want to learn? If that’s clear, we can make a plan together to get you started. Then you will know exactly what you are going to do! You will be part of one of our problem-solving teams. A problem-solving team is a mix of engineers and implementation consultants. They work closely together to build valuable features for our clients. One of your team members will be your go-to person during your internship. This team member will onboard you and give you extensive guidance.

Is a personalized internship an option for me?

You are a match if you:

  • Love software development.
  • Are available for at least four days a week, for two months or longer.
  • Want to work at an experienced, dynamic company.
  • Want to get a feel for working in the real world at a software company.
  • Want to join us on our mission to make effective learning available for as many employees around the world as possible.

We don’t require a special college degree or affinity with particular frameworks or software programs. The most important thing is that you are eager to learn!

The most important thing is that you are eager to learn

The day of an intern in a nutshell

Let's assume you will be working from home.

9:00 First, a cup of coffee and a look at your to-do list. It's a full day 🙂.

9.15 You prepare for the stand-up with your problem-solving team.

9.30 Stand-up time on a video call! You tell the team about your progress and ask a senior software engineer to help with writing acceptance tests for your subtask.

10.00 You complete your subtask with the help of a senior colleague. Your subtask is part of the story to make the delete account feature fully self-service. You commit your work and request a code review.

11.00 It's time to pair program. You want to learn more about Node.js, so a senior software engineer decides to develop the next subtask of the story with you.

12.00 A colleague peer-reviewed the code of your first subtask. You walk through the comments together. Your colleague shows you a more sustainable way to solve the technical problem.

12.30 Lunchtime! You combine your lunch with watching a new episode of Stranger Things.

13.00 You start refactoring your code. You mastered a new approach, profit! You push your subtask to Git, and all tests pass. Nice!

13.30 Time to do the manual QA for the story with your problem-solving team. You discover one bug and solve it together with your teammates!

14.30 The self-service story is done! Everything works as expected, so it's time to deploy. Within 10-15 minutes, all clients worldwide will be using the new feature!

15.00 Time to unwind! You go for a walk to the supermarket to pick up some vegetables for tonight's meal.

15.15 You jump on a video call to discuss the learnings and goals of your internship with your go-to person. Together you decide to spend some time experimenting with React.

16.00 Another engineer asks you to review his code. It is always interesting to see how others solve things! You leave some remarks and questions to understand what the other developer tried to do.

17.30 Now that you've committed your work and finished the review, you look at the possible new stories. You're looking forward to a new day!

What do we offer?

We learn from our mistakes and work in a way that prioritizes learning over results
  • Focus on personal growth and development. We learn from our mistakes and work in a way that prioritizes learning over results.
  • An open and diverse team of young and experienced colleagues.
  • A calm company that cares about its employees, physically and mentally. For instance, we offer monthly chair massages, healthy lunches, and a very green office. On top of that: we don’t do overtime.
  • An agile environment with a lot of freedom, responsibility, and flexibility to shape your working life to your personal life.
  • We alternate normal working weeks with play weeks where we step away from our daily work and dedicate time to side projects and experimenting with (new) technical stuff.
  • We provide you with all the hardware you need to do your job, such as a standing desk, multiple screens, monitor glasses, and so on.
  • We celebrate success and alternate smart and focused work with relaxing moments, like barbecuing, and Friday afternoon drinks!
  • An attractive salary and secondary benefits.

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Are you keen to work with us? Please explain your motivation in an email and send it with your resume to Do you have questions about this internship? You can contact Caroline Heijkoop on +31 683712762.