How we got early feedback for multiple academies using a beta test

As you can remember, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we all had to adapt quickly and move everything online. Working from home, video calling, and also learning. This brought us a surge of new clients. The pandemic was mostly gone at the end of 2022, and the world returned to a somewhat normal state. A lot of employee training reverted to classroom training, leading to less need for online learning. This raised the question: What’s next for Easy LMS?

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What’s next for Easy LMS?

Consulting companies that train their clients' employees are the most satisfied users of Easy LMS

To answer this question, we interviewed 70 long-term clients about how they use the tool, what they dislike, what they like, and what they miss in our tool to do a good training job. We discovered two very valuable insights.

  1. The number one problem that they mentioned was managing multiple clients in one tool.
  2. Consulting companies that train their clients' employees are the most satisfied users of Easy LMS.

After this research, we launched a new strategy that focuses on helping consulting companies that offer training to their clients, saving time and money so they can do what they love most: train employees.

Solving the number one problem

The number one problem that was mentioned was managing multiple clients in one tool.

We set off to solve the number one problem of our new target audience. How do we increase their satisfaction by saving them time managing training for multiple clients? The multiple academies feature was born.


With the multiple academies feature, you can organize your training content for multiple clients under one virtual roof. It gives you the power to create a branded learning portal for each of your clients on their own URL and a personalized training invitation method that suits your clients. Next to that, it will save you time. It does this by repurposing your learning content for multiple clients. Additionally, it provides your clients with access to the reporting section of their Academy. This enables them to track the progress and results themselves.

We ran a beta test to involve our clients in developing this feature to make sure it actually solved their problem. This was a fun and insightful exercise, both for us and for the customer:

“So excited to beta test this feature. First, I created an academy from a current group and added the participants and the learning content...successful. When I tried to change the administrator to academy-specific, there was an error on login (Error 403: Do not have access to this page). Once that bug is worked out, this will be fabulous. And I will roll it out for all our clients“

Consulting company in the Healthcare Industrie

One of the main questions we had to answer during the development was how do we pick the right pricing strategy that fits our client's needs and helps them grow.

Solving the pricing problem

We love our clients for their openness about what will and won’t work for them.

To help our consulting companies grow their business, we have a unique and predictable pricing model: pay a flat fee rather than per participant. We wanted to extend this pricing mechanism to the new feature so that our clients have a predictable and affordable price for when they onboard a new client.

We tested different pricing strategies. After extensive testing and discussions with our clients, the tiered pricing model came out on top. We love our clients for their openness about what will and won’t work for them, and we learned a ton about their own pricing strategies.

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