Driving Excellence: ARBÖ's Nationwide Employee Training with Easy LMS

“It took us a lot of resources to train employees from different locations. With Easy LMS it is possible to manage continuous education without stress. We don’t need to spend time on the road anymore. With everything online, the employees can take the training whenever they want!”

Reinhard Zimmerman, Project Manager and Training Coordinator at ARBÖ, Austria 

General information

Type of subscription Enterprise Owl
Company size 500 - 1,000
Website  www.arboe.at
Key features Courses, Exams, and Academy 


Subtitles are available in 12 languages. To activate the subtitles, click on the Settings cog icon and select your preferred language in the Subtitles/CC menu.

Full testimonial

Nine out of ten people in Austria know what ARBÖ is. If your car breaks down on the road, or if you have any questions about the traffic, you can call 123 to reach ARBÖ. They will send a well-trained mechanic to help you, or answer your question over the phone! 

Well-trained through Easy LMS, explained Reinhard. ARBÖ recently started training their staff with Easy LMS. “We have 91 locations in Austria. It’s very hard to manage training during normal working hours, because you take away the employees from their normal work. Not a desirable situation. Besides that, it took us a lot of resources to set up face-to-face meetings. Easy LMS allows us to manage continuous education without stress. I can prepare the training at my office, send it to the staff, give them some time to take it, and maybe talk about it later.”

Easy LMS allows us to manage continuous education without stress

Academy fan 

Reinhard is a fan of the Academy. A significant advantage is that you can create learning paths for employees, and make all the training easy to access. “We want to train our employees on a great diversity of topics. Some are more difficult than others. It is great to set a specific learning order,” he said. 

He also likes that Easy LMS allows employees to take Courses or Exams where and whenever they want. “If they have 20 minutes, they can take a Course for 20 minutes, then it’s over. No strings attached. It saves me so much time too. For a 20-minute training at every location, I have to cross the country and spend weeks on the road. I would definitely recommend Easy LMS if a company has similar tasks. This LMS is exactly what we need, there's no overhead in features, and there is no overhead in costs.

User-friendly interface

This LMS is exactly what we need, there's no overhead in features, and there is no overhead in costs

Easy LMS is designed with the end-user in mind. Also, it’s not necessary to have technical knowledge to be able to work with it. According to Reinhard, Easy LMS is a success because of that: “The interface is really clear. Normally, you can find what you are looking for within a few minutes.” The friendly interface aligns with his experience with the Support Owls. “What I like is the speedy and personal support. I get clear answers right on time. It helps me to improve my experience with Easy LMS.”