Neurovendita's Rapid Shift From Traditional to Online Training in 10 Days with Easy LMS

"COVID-19 forced us to move our training to an LMS. While our competitors stopped their training, we were up and running again in 10 days thanks to Easy LMS. The system is so quick and easy to use. We could transfer our content in no time."

Federica Donzello, Study Center Manager at Neurovendita, Italy

General information

Type of subscription Corporate Owl + Academy Yearly
Company size 25
Key features Courses, Exams, Academy and Certification


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Full testimonial

Neurovendita, a company located in the north of Italy, specializes in improving sales techniques with neuroscience and brain research. They translate how our brain works to tangible services to improve sales processes. The company has a laboratory, so they conduct research themselves to gain new scientific insights.

In only 10 days, we were able to create new content and transfer it to Easy LMS

Easy content transfer 

Neurovendita recruits new sales consultants and managers and educates them. They also have consultants that train salespeople from other organizations. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, these courses took place in a traditional setting: in a classroom with the trainer, or practical field training.

Federica explained that the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to look for a new way to conduct business. "The process of bringing our training online has definitely sped up due to this worldwide crisis. We quickly found out that Easy LMS was our best fit. While our competitors had stopped their business, our training was up and running again in 10 days thanks to Easy LMS. The system is so quick and easy to use. We could transfer our content in no time." During the lockdown period, Neurovendita acquired lots of new customers. Many organizations were interested in buying their online courses.

The Easy LMS design supports distraction-free learning

The way Easy LMS presents content is consistent with neuroscience research

During their search for an LMS, Federica was initially deterred. Many systems looked very complex, with an overload of incomprehensible features. That was until she tried Easy LMS. Federica pointed out that the way Easy LMS presents content is consistent with their neuroscience research. "I was scared to use an LMS platform with a thousand features that I don't need, or complicated reports. Also, Easy LMS presents learning content in a way that is straightforward and clear. It facilitates distraction-free learning with a simple interface and linear elements. There are no distractions like pop-ups in the participant interface. A pleasure to the eye and easy to use. You don't need any technical knowledge to maintain the content in the system."

At the moment, Neurovendita uses the following features in Easy LMS: Courses, Exams, the Academy, and Certification. "The Academy is ideal for creating learning paths. People can know at which point of the Course they are, the path they have to follow to earn their certification. Also, Easy LMS helps us to introduce ourselves in a friendly and easy way to new clients. It is like an entry-level model: after their first experience, it's easier to sell them our other services."

"My favorite part is building content. I like how I can create content, move content in the structure, insert videos with links, images, or text. For that reason alone, I would recommend Easy LMS."

Friendly support

Federica is very enthusiastic about the Easy LMS service desk. "They are amazing, always friendly, and helpful. If I experience a problem or want to try something new, they have an answer, a solution, or even an idea that helps me continue."