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Many teachers use our online quiz generator for their students. Creating online quizzes for students motivates them a lot. A fun and easy tool to encourage your students to learn. Based on feedback we received from teachers, we created a quiz tool specific for teachers.

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It’s easy to make your own online quiz and students experience this as a fun way to learn. You’re able to create different kinds of questions and view your students results'. Number of quizzes and number of questions per quiz are unlimited! Track the progress and report results of your students in one place. Online quizzes should facilitate teachers to create engaging lessons combining text, video, images, practice questions and real tests and exams.

Benefits of quiz for students


Set the feedback option of your quiz. If you want students to learn from their mistakes, you can give them feedback after answering the question. So, they know what they did and why they did something wrong (or right). It gives the teachers the chance to spend their time differently. Instead of giving all students mouth to mouth feedback, the tool itself will do. Teachers are able to spend more time helping students who had some trouble doing the quiz.

A little competition

With the leaderboard you get a little competition going and stimulate playing again, and again, and again to the top of the leaderboard. By repetition, people learn, according to behaviorism. Just practice and drill! Students experience this as a fun added element. Besides that, students learn more than if they take the quiz only once.

Whenever, wherever

Students are able to take the quiz whenever and wherever you want (well, up to a certain point). As a teacher you have the rights to put a quiz for a certain amount of time online. So students have to take the quiz in that amount of time. For example; on the 21 of April between 10:00-13:30. Students don’t have to be glued on their chairs to take the quiz. This is especially easy when you have a flipped classroom. You know where the gaps of knowledge are, and you are able to spend more time with the students with problems or with students who need to be challenged.  

More to test than you’d do with paper

When you decide to give an old fashioned handwritten quiz, you will be limited in the things you can test. Online quizzes offer a lot more options to enhance learning. Adding an audio or a video, giving feedback, tracking progress and a lot more! You should test it yourself :)


Online quizzes have advantages for both teachers students. I’d say: “One and one is two!” Our tool is tailored for the needs for education systems. Giving feedback, creating a little competition etc, all that can be done with our tool. Teachers are able to spend their time in a efficient way. So give it a try! Our basic quiz creator for teachers is free, and we have a special premium plan for teachers that allows for even more functionalities.

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