LMS with certification: reward your employees

Use our LMS with certification and reward and recognize your employees' achievements! Our LMS helps you create PDF certificates that employees can download from their result page or receive by email. A true honour!

Keep it simple with a template-based design

Template-based certificates are available for Exams and Courses. You can upload a certificate background, which contains your message, logo, and other images. Or pick from one of our premade backgrounds.

Easy LMS generates all the standard data, like name, title, and date. You have over 30 standard layouts to choose from, so you are sure to find one that fits your background!

Let your creativity flourish with a custom design

Exams also include a custom certificate editor. This editor gives you more freedom with the layout of the generated data. Drag and drop the data fields anywhere on the background and pick a font to match!

Any information that you ask from participants when they log in, including custom questions, can be added to the certificate! Expiration dates and unique certificate numbers are also an option.

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