LMS styling and branding in a few easy steps

Attain recognition and style your LMS in your look and feel. Let your brand's personality shine to its fullest in your Academy.

Use basic styling, choose colors, logos, and fonts

Your employees will feel at home with e-learning materials styled in your corporate brand. Change the colors of:

  • fonts
  • buttons
  • interface elements
  • background

You can even style Exams in the font you want. Choose from over 300 Google fonts. Change the font sizes of questions and answers as well as their alignment. Add a professional touch to Exams with your logo and background image. The basic styling options are more than enough to achieve what you want. Good to know: you can also style certificates any way you like.

Get creative with Custom CSS

Custom CSS gives you more styling options. Use your CSS skills to make outstanding Exams. Do you want flashy transitions? Possible! A different look for the timer bar or font? Also, yes! Just define the elements you want to style and add it to the admin dashboard. It’s not rocket science!

Unsure about your CSS skills? Contact us for help.

Present it as your LMS (white label)

Styling is just the start. You can also customize the address where our system sends emails from. This applies to:

  • invitation emails
  • certification emails
  • notification emails
  • password reset emails

The open rate of these emails will be significantly higher!

Do you want your training materials to be available from your domain? For example, training.company-name.com rather than company-name.easy-lms.com. With the Academy, you can set a custom domain. Your employees won’t even notice you are using Easy LMS. That's what we call 'white labelling'.

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