Learning Management System (LMS) trends

In this article, we will consider some trends regarding online learning platforms. Today's society is becoming more and more automated and as indicated by their increasing popularity, learning management systems are no exception. Their use is not limited to education as they can be used in business settings as well. What are some of the trends surrounding Learning Management Systems?

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“Gamification has something to do with playing games.” This is a common misconception. So, what then is gamification? It’s about applying the concept of game design to applications that are not games to make them more engaging. Although a gamified learning experience can be acquired by playing an actual game, it is not required. 

Examples of gamification in learning are taking online quizzes and playing Minecraft (e.g., for developing mathematical skills). It helps motivate learners to learn new things, which consequentially encourages them to work for better grades. You can read more about gamification here.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning, also called m-learning, can be done whenever and wherever. With the help of mobile devices, this type of learning allows learners to continually partake in the learning process. These devices can include phones, laptops, or tablets.

This learning model makes it possible for people with full-time jobs to learn in their free time. Many courses work with this model. It also makes it possible to provide the same learning content to different learners around the world. You can read more about mobile learning here.

Blended learning

Blended learning, a mix between traditional and modern learning methods, has become more popular in the last couple years. Students can learn from their computers while still attending face-to-face classes with teachers.

There are different styles of blended learning. The amount of interaction and the size of a teacher's role varies a lot. In some models, the teachers are in full control of the learning experience, while others allow the learners to be largely independent. The model you choose depends on the level of independence you want to give your learners. You can read more about blended learning here

Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

With PLE, you adjust the pace and approach in accordance with the learners' preferences and past experiences to create an individualized learning experience. That’s a whole lot to consider! Therefore, creating personal learning environments are difficult without the use of e-learning tools. Online learning systems can easily adjust to the performance of each student.

Furthermore, learners and teachers have access to their results and performance. With traditional learning methods (i.e., books and a classroom setting), it’s more difficult to adjust the learning materials to different levels. With PLE, students can set their own learning goals with some guidance from teachers. Though, this method requires self-discipline from students. 

Now that you know about the exciting LMS trends, you might want to read more about the history of LMS systems.

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