LMS vs LCMS: What's the difference between them?

Earlier we explained what an LMS is. We now are going to zoom in on the differences between an LMS and an LCMS.

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What is an LMS?

Short recap: What is an LMS:

  • Learning: A system to support (online) learning
  • Management: an LMS makes it easy to manage all the processes and data around learning
  • System: just a fancy word for software. 

What is an LCMS

Ok. So, now we know what an LMS is. But what is an LCMS? And why should i need it? An LCMS is a combination between an LMS and a Content Management System (CMS). You use a CMS to manage the content on your website. That brings us to the definition of an LCMS:

Learning: You use an LCMS to create learning material (content) for your online courses. 

Content: Content is all the text, images, videos, audio, questions and answers that make up your online courses and training material. 

Management: For your online courses you probably need a lot of content. With an LCMS you can easily manage this content.

System: just a fancy word for software

The LCMS focuses on the content part of learning. But doesn't help you to invite users, track progress and hand out certificates as our online LMS will do.

Why do I need an LCMS?

Good question! We don't think you need a separate system to manage your content. With our online LMS the content creation is an integrated part of our LMS. So you don't need extra software to get your online courses or e-learning training material online. 

You're still not sure if we provide everything you need? Drop us an email and we'll show you around with our LMS demo

Why do I need an LMS? 

Managing all the stuff that comes with organizing the development of the employees of your company or organisation is a cumbursome and time consuming task. An LMS helps you to reduce the time needed for organisation and registration and frees up time to create better learning material. Read more on Why use an LMS

The main difference between LMS and LCMS

The main difference between a learning management system and a learning content management system is the focus on learning content developers within an LCMS. To manage and create the learning content. 

Our take on this

We believe in team work and holistic approaches. So we don't believe the strict divide between creating the content and managing the learning experience and adminstration creates better results. And why would you need two systems. With double costs, different interfaces and the hassle to embed the content form one system in the other system. We think it's stupid, actually. So we created an LMS with the possibilty to create beautiful learning content.

Read more about LMS vs CMS.

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