Assessment methods and strategies

If you want to create an assessment for your instruction, this article will explain some methods and strategies you can use to improve your assessment.

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There are different assessment methods that can be used for different goals. First, you have to know what kind of assessment should be used for your instruction. To help you choose the kind of assessment you need, read here.

Writing an assessment can be difficult. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to improve your assessment to get the best feedback possible from your students.

Avoid terms like “always” and “never”

These terms are more often the incorrect options. And yes, participants do know this trick. You don’t want to test if participants know these tricks. Instead you want to test their knowledge, of course.

Avoid double negatives in one sentence

“Which of the following answers are NOT incorrect?” After reading this question three times, you finally understand what the meaning is of the question. Instead, you can also ask “Which of the following answers are correct?” It’s the same meaning, but much easier to understand!

State the question positively instead of negatively

A negatively worded question challenges even the intelligent readers to understand the question. By avoiding this, you erase the amount of stress. Less confusing and less stressful :)

Give four or five answer options

Experts recommend to give four or five answer options. And you do what experts say, right?

Open-ended questions

In some cases it’s easier to ask yes/no questions. In other cases it’s not very convenient to ask yes/no questions. You may have some questions about understanding the instruction. If the student says that he didn’t understand the instruction, you want to know why he or she didn’t understand that question. An open question may be a solution to solve that problem.

Use our online assessment tool

Using an online assessment tool makes it much easier for you to collect all data from your students. When you want to engage a large group in your instruction, you want a significant percentage of them to take the assessment. With our tool you are able to do that! The creator is able to ask several kinds of questions. After the students have taken the assessment, you can export the data to an Excel file.

Read more about the types of assessment.

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