Peer Program Benchmarking Assessment

This assessment is to gather your subjective quantitative and qualitative data on the overall performance of your organization/department as it relates to the Peer Program upon which your people are about embark.

Your responses will be on a scale from 0 to 5, and for your organization/department as a whole.

Eg: "Establishing Focus - Ensures that everyone involved in a project has all the information they need, and makes sure everyone stays focused on the appropriate task at the appropriate time." - For your organization/department as a whole, how well is it performing in this area?

After completion, you will receive an email with your responses for your reference.

This assessment is conducted:

- at the beginning of the Peer Program (as an initial benchmark)

- at the end of the Peer Program (to measure improvement)

- one month after the end of the Peer Program (to ensure sustainability)

There are twenty-five (25) questions: