Personality-Ville: What kingdom are you?

* Which Personality-Ville kingdom gives you the most energy? Where do you feel most at home? The Royal Castle, The Royal Circus, The Royal Observatory, or the Royal Cottage?

* Everyone is governed by natural laws of energy.

* How you receive energy is directly linked to your personality style and how you prefer to do things: your MOTTO. In Personality-Ville there reigns four mottos ~ Relax, Learn, Achieve, or Play.

* To visualize this abstract concept, a magical, musical kingdom was discovered with four energy kingdoms: Castle, Circus, Observatory, or Cottage.

* Where you “live,” your NATURAL home Energy Kingdom, determines your personality style and therefor how you fill your Energy Treasure Chest or how you Spend your Energy Coins.

* We use a unique set of 52 playing cards that represent aspects of your personality style. They are the Personality-Ville Quiz Cards.

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