Why do you need an NVQ to work as a bricklayer in Oldham

Construction sites have now become very strict about hiring employees only if they have the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card. Oldham is one of the several places which employ this rule so to work as a bricklayer in Oldham you need to have the Blue CSCS Card Oldham that is the Skilled Workers card.

To obtain the skilled worker's card it is necessary to clear the CSCS Test Oldham and obtain the National Vocational Qualification in Bricklaying. There is security personnel’s conducting regular checks on construction sites nowadays with scanning machines. If people are found even with CSCS cards that are not meant for that specialization, they would be asked to leave the construction site. Let us first consider what a National Vocational Qualification is and how you can get one.

What is a National Vocational Qualification?

To obtain your skilled worker CSCS Card Oldham you need to have a minimum of level 2 national or state vocational qualification. A National Vocational Qualification involves practical learning of skills required for a job on a construction site. It is training in everything you need to know to work on a construction site, including the health and safety regulations. A National Vocational Qualification is similar to any other professional course, than employees may take in order to learn the ins and outs of the job. In the case of bricklaying, it teaches getting the NVQ helps students learn everything they need to know about bricklaying to get the CSCS Card in Oldham. The job involves various dangerous activities so it is a good idea to take a professional course like this one to give yourself the time necessary to learn how to prevent and deal with accidents. Getting an NVQ qualification doesn’t mean that you are exempted from giving a CSCS Test in Oldham, it simply means that you are eligible to be hired as a skilled worker, in this case as a bricklayer in Oldham.

What is the process of getting your skilled workers card?

  • First, you need to take a national vocational training in bricklaying or any other profession as the case may be
  • Then you need to give the necessary practical assessments in order to be certified as an NVQ holder
  • Once you have your NVQ you need to give your CSCS Test Oldham
  • After passing the Health and Safety Environment test you will be eligible to get your CSCS Card Oldham

With the Skilled worker's card and the NVQ, you will be able to work as a Bricklayer in Oldham or in any other place that you want to work. It is important to know that a skilled workers card like this certifies you only to be hired in one particular skill. For example, a skilled worker obtained with an NVQ in Bricklaying will let you work only as a Bricklayer in Oldham. To work in a different skilled profession, you will have to get a certification in that skill.

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