Why you should start your career at Easy LMS

The transition from student life to working life can be challenging. But not at our company. We help bridge the gap. Many young professionals have started their development and consultancy careers at our workplace. Let us explain why 😀.

1. You can make work fit your life, instead of the other way around.

We are the opposite of being formal. So, being at the office from eight until five o’clock every day wearing a suit, that’s not us. You can wear what you want (and if that’s a suit, then it’s fine 😀) and fit your work life into your personal life. This freedom comes with great responsibility and communication. As long as you are open and your colleagues can rely on you, we are totally okay with it!

2. We have an ideal mix of young and experienced colleagues.

We can empathize with young professionals

We are an open and diverse team of young and experienced colleagues. Many colleagues stayed with us after their internship. We can empathize with young professionals and have a realistic view of their expectations. This helps us guide new young colleagues to get them settled in and acquainted with working life. Our experienced colleagues are always ready to help!

“After my internship, I worked part-time at Easy LMS. That was great! Easy LMS created the circumstances to be flexible with my working hours. So, I was able to finish my master’s while keeping in touch with practice. I’m still working at Easy LMS. Because why should I change if I have amazing colleagues and loads of fun activities?”

Rens, ex-intern, currently Back-End Developer

“From the start, I had the feeling that I was in the right place here. It does not matter whether you have been with the company for 10 years or just a day. Colleagues are open with each other, not only with feedback but also with more personal things. So, it’s easy to make a connection and it provides lots of learning opportunities!”

Dyann, ex-intern, currently UX Designer & Researcher

3. We alternate focused work with play.

We like to work hard and smart because we are on a mission. To keep our focus, we alternate hard work with playtime. We work in cycles of nine weeks. In the first eight weeks of a cycle, we do our ‘normal’ work, the last week is play week. This means we step away from our daily work and play around to unwind. During the play week, you can dedicate time to learning, a side project, or experimenting with new (technical) stuff. You don’t have to produce anything. In addition, we barbecue regularly. We play online games and organize random activities, from whiskey tastings to movie nights. On top of that, we host a weekly Friday afternoon drink. That could be either at our office or online. Get your fridge stocked!

4. We don’t have targets.

Keep calm and be proud is our motto. This translates to the fact that we don’t want our employees to experience stress and push them unnecessarily over their professional or personal boundaries. Having targets could have this effect and is then counterproductive. So, that is why we don’t use them. Instead, we focus on improving our work processes continuously. Because if your work processes run smoothly, it will give the desired results, so the need for targets is gone.

5. We focus on personal growth.

It’s all about learning! We pick up where you left off in college, but with our own spin (read: more structured, more dedicated, with a human touch, and focused on practice). We will assess your strengths and improve those even more. Or you take a skill you want to improve and together we put effort into making it better. We do this in a structured way and in small steps. Because many small steps lead to big improvements. You get extensive guidance from a coach. But it’s up to you how you want to shape your personal growth.

We're extremely happy for you to make mistakes

6. Making mistakes is okay.

We don’t expect you to use your skills perfectly and have extensive knowledge. Your skills and expertise need to grow with time. We will give you that time. No growth will happen without making mistakes. At Easy LMS, this is okay. In fact, we’re extremely happy for you to make mistakes, because this is when you learn the most. Therefore, you don’t only do easy tasks in your comfort zone. You can also pick up complex tasks to see how far you can stretch yourself.

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