Getting Started with Logos

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Getting Started with Logos

The following course is your guide to a fun and productive start using Logos Bible Software.  Take your time and remember that a good start will make all the difference as you move into more complex areas of study later.  

Here's what we will cover:

1) Accessing Logos (installing if desired)

2) Finding Help and Training

3) Using the Logos Dashboard

4) Tips for Maximizing Layouts

5) Understanding the Main Application Toolbar

6) Finding and Prioritizing Books in the Logos Library

7) Taking Class Notes in Logos

Tips on Using the Course:

  • The entire course will take about 2 hours
  • Use the same login information each time you return
  • Use the Navigation menu in the top left to navigate while in the course

*If you have any difficulties using this course specifically, you can reach out to Chris at