Real Estate Consultancy Asynchronous Review (Part 1A) Last Batch

(Fundamentals of Real Estate Consulting and USPRCP)


Real Estate Consultancy Asynchronous Review (Part 1A) Last Batch

Welcome! Here is the "Review and Coaching Sessions for Real Estate Consultant Licensure Exam 2021" Double Course Program

* Please note that only those who are enrolled in the double program should access this course. If you are not enrolled in this program, kindly do not proceed to the course and notify Phil-Center admin.

* While you are here in the double course program, the complete course programs will be described here, since the double course program will start ahead of the single program. 

Triple Course Program Description

Single Course Program:

Is a certification program of 120 hours required to be accepted in the Real Estate for Consultant Licensure Exam. This is purely a discussion of the subjects to be covered in the examination and is accessible synchronously (realtime) on google classroom and the live zoom classroom. The google classroom is from 7am to 12noon and zoom classroom is from 1pm to 6pm. From our research analysis we found out that 70% of those who attended in the past years who took the 120-hour program were not able to proceed with the exams for the reason that the preparation of Project Feasibility Studies was not part of the offered course program. Though there was an information given that PFS is a requirement to take the examination, the lack of discussion on how to prepare the project feasibility studies became a reason for not proceeding. Thus, Phil-Center introduced the Hybrid program which was adopted because of the need of meeting the purpose of the participants for the exams. This single course program was named “Real Estate Feasibility Studies and PFS Writing Workshop”. To make this program stand alone for those who would opt to take only the single program, a book will be provided that contains the relevant subjects for the exams only for readings.

Double Course Program:

This is linked to the single course program, wherein the content of the book provided will be discussed. The double program was entitled “Review and Coaching Sessions” you are expected to finish studying each part during the week it will be released by the Learning Management System Provider. After studying each part, there are a few questions that needs to be answered. The double program has four parts, which are Part 1A, Part 1B, Part 2A and Part 2B. Each part of the program will be accessible weekly and is scheduled as follows:

May 10-17 - Part 1A

May 17-24 - Part 2A

May 24-31 - Part 1B

May 31-June 7- Part 2B

Triple Course Program

Triple course has the same title with the double course, which is “Review and Coaching Sessions”. This course program is purely about how to take the examinations. The exams are in two types: the written and the oral. You will have a mock exam and mock PFS evaluation (PFS defense) in this triple program course. In this course, the discomfort and uncertainties in taking the examinations would be relieved. You can get tips and pointers on how the written questions were composed as well as that of how the PFS evaluation was conducted. One of the most prominent reasons for failing in the examination is the mood of the examinee during the examination. The familiarity for the exams will change your confidence and aid you to be more relaxed come examination period. Once relaxed, you will be able to take the exams with full confidence. Confidence is needed in all the things that we need to do. The good disposition is what will help us carry the exams. There are four days to complete this course.

Some Perspective on Consulting Practice

Kindly check the perspectives of being a Consultant. This will be helpful inputs in our journey for your study program. 

Knowledge Evaluation. Take it first before you proceed.