REC Review (Part 1A) 2022

(Fundamentals of Real Estate Consulting and USPRCP)


REC Review (Part 1A) 2022

Welcome! Here is the "Review and Coaching Sessions for Real Estate Consultant Licensure Exam 2022" Module 1

* Please note that only those who are enrolled in the course program should access this course. If you are not enrolled in this program, kindly do not proceed to the course and notify Phil-Center

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Course Program: 

This is the Module 1 (Asynchronous) of the course program, wherein the content of the lessons are mostly subjects in the syllabus for the examination. The REC program, which has three modules was entitled “Review and Coaching Sessions” you are expected to finish studying each part of this Module 1 in one week as the lessons will be released by the Learning Management System Provider weekly. After studying each part, there are a few questions that needs to be answered. The module 1 has four parts, which are Part 1A, Part 2A, Part 1B and Part 2B. Each part of the program will be accessible weekly and is scheduled as follows:

July 1-July 9        Part 1A

July 10-July 16     Part 2A

July 17- July 23   Part 1B

July 24-July 31    Part 2B

Module 1

This module is available within the month. Each part will be accessed based on the dates provided here. This module is purely lessons.

Some Perspective on Consulting Practice

Kindly check the perspectives of being a Consultant. This will be helpful inputs in our journey for your study program.