We consume knowledge, just like chocolates. Often and a lot. We also like to test our knowledge in playful ways. However, there was no excellent online quiz solution available, so we created one ourselves. Easy LMS was born. But a Quiz tool didn't match our mission to make learning widely accessible, easy, and affordable. That's why we changed rapidly, but step by step to an effective LMS. Check out our historical timeline and highlights!


2013 - Quiz builder

We launched our builder to make multiple-choice quizzes. Simple but effective! It was an instant success. Our first subscribers were De Telegraaf, a Dutch newspaper, and Knab, a Dutch bank. The key secret of our Quiz builder was every addictive algorithm, which makes participants play the Quiz repeatedly— learning through repetition!

2014 - Exam and Assessment builder

It was perfect for certification and evaluation purposes

We decided to expand knowledge testing with an online Exam builder. It was straightforward to use for admins and participants. Admins could quickly generate Exams and participants could pass or fail the Exam. It was perfect for certification and evaluation purposes. To cover all aspects, we launched an Assessment builder too! The goal was for admins to better understand their participants’ personalities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions and match the outcomes with their learning program.

2015 - Became an LMS with the launch of the Course builder

We offered multiple online products to examine knowledge, but we missed an online product to provide knowledge. So, an Online Course builder was our next accomplishment! At the time, most of the online course-building software was cumbersome. We chose the opposite: easy to use, designed with the end-user in mind! At the same time, we made it possible to generate certificates. We completed the whole learning picture: instruction, examination, and certification. One step closer to our mission!

2016 - Distraction-free learning

Dutch design it is

We learn the best when we are entirely focused and in flow. Our LMS did not yet support completely distraction-free learning for participants. So we removed all bells and whistles from the design, but without being boring! Dutch design it is!

2017 - Academy and integrations

All training material had a separate location and access method. It was fragmented and confused participants. That's why we started the Academy to give participants a central place to access their training material. Something else we built to make life easier were integrations. You could now connect with your favorite software, automate workflows, and sync your data.

2018 - Redesign for employee training

We made a hard decision to primarily focus is on small and medium-sized businesses that want to train their employees

We built a lot, but for different target audiences. We were happy with what we had done so far, but we felt like we didn't get the most out of our LMS because of this lack of focus. So, we made a hard decision to primarily focus is on small and medium-sized businesses that want to train their employees. This change forced us to redesign our LMS and make minor improvements to our Exam builder to meet all the official test requirements.

2019 - More improvement and increased accessibility

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Easy LMS. In 2019 we continued rebuilding our LMS. This time, our Academy was our primary focus. We wanted everyone to use our LMS, regardless of their background, location, circumstance, or condition. We strove to make our platform as inclusive as possible. Therefore, we also made a huge step forward in being accessible.

2020 - Scalable server and multilingual Help Center

More and more people were using our LMS. We moved to a scalable server set-up to keep our LMS fast and reliable! This ensured you always have access to Easy LMS regardless of the number of participants. Another improvement towards our mission by launching a multilingual Help Center. Clients could already use the tool in their own language, but now they could also get help in their own language.

2021 - Being an effective and GDPR compliant LMS

This year we strengthen our effort to be the most effective LMS for small and medium-sized businesses. By effective, we mean our LMS is:

  • Easy to use for both admins and participants.
  • Delivers the best value
  • Creates an excellent learning environment that stimulates a focused learning flow.

Every feature we made was aimed towards that goal. For example, in a Course or Exam, your employees can now view an image in its original size. These zoom images help your employees to study detailed images without unnecessary distractions. This year we also put a lot of effort into full GDPR compliance.

Do you want to stay updated about the latest additions to our LMS? Please follow our product update page 'What's new'.

2022 - Makeover for Courses and Exams

This year we focused our efforts on improving your experience of the Courses and Exams. It was a year brimming with exciting new time-saving features. Some of the highlights include:

  • Preview your course as you create it.
  • Save time by uploading preexisting PowerPoint and SCORM content.
  • Track email delivery status independently with our new email status log.

2023 - Multiple academies

2023 was a pivotal year for us. We narrowed our target audience to focus on consultancy companies and training providers, then put our energy into launching a game-changing feature that would serve them! Multiple academies enhance your existing Academy by enabling you to train several customers simultaneously. Each customer gets their own company-branded learning portal, with all the same styling and personalization options as the standard academy.

With multiple academies, you can do even more:

⭐ Separate academies by location and language, making it easier for you to manage participants.

⭐ Separate the results of each academy so you spend less time making progress reports.

⭐ Repurpose your learning content in each academy to standardize your training process.

⭐ Assign admins to manage one or more specific academies to delegate tasks while protecting your participants’ data.

Multiple academies are out now! Juggle your workload more efficiently and sign up for a free 7-day trial.

Read more about our 2023 highlights on our 'What’s new' page.

Award-winning LMS

2023 was another proud year of recognition for us. We achieved five new awards from GetApp, Capterra, and SoftwareWorld. Check out the full list of our awards!