Objectives of online examination system

Online examination is becoming more popular in this digital century. But what are the objectives of online examination system? The objectives of online examination will be explained in this article :)

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User-friendly system

User-friendly systems are not only needed for the creator, but also for participants. “Intuitive” is key. One of the best examples is the software of the iPhone. It has a lot of options, but is still something you can figure out without needing a manual. Of course, an online examination system is different, but still has some similarities. Once an online examination system is not user-friendly, creators and participants will move on to another system. This is obviously something you don't want to happen.

Responsive design

A responsive design is an approach where the web designer wants to reach an optimal web experience for a wide range of devices. A responsive site scales with the size of the screen without sacrificing the text readability or usability of the user interface. 

Offering several types of questions

Multiple choice, fill in the blanks, and free text. These are the options you can use with our online examination system. Having more than one option is necessary to check several types of knowledge. Not all examination can be checked with multiple choice questions.   

Auto exam publish

Do you want your exam for anyone or for a predefined group of users? The online exam can be made for people who are invited to the exam and have to log in with a username and password. If your exam is free for anyone, you can insert a link for making the exam.

Automatically checked answers

Having to check all answers is very time-consuming. So, having the answers checked automatically and instantly will eventually pay off. It’s less work for the creator of the exam, and participants don’t have to wait too long for getting the results of their exams. Catching two birds with one stone :)

Reports and performance analysis

Having the results and statistics is nice to get a whole overview of the performances. Which users score best? On what kind of questions did users score low at? It’s all possible with our tool. And know what’s even better? Administrators can export the results and statistics to an Excel file.

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