Applying to Easy LMS? You will meet these people

Applying for a job is always a mix of excitement and nerves. Meeting strangers who'll decide if you're right for your dream job after just one hour? It's quite a challenge. We want you to walk into your job interview feeling confident, not overwhelmed by uncertainty about who or what awaits you. So, let’s meet the people you’ll be talking to!

Your conversation partners for the 1st interview

In the first interview, the goal is to get to know each other better. What makes you tick? What's your background? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you a movie buff or a barbecue enthusiast? Of course, we'll also discuss your potential role within our company, but we'll save the nitty-gritty details for the second interview! Our experts can fill you in on all of that.

Your first interview panel will include one of our HR assistants, one of our Carolines, and CEO Jeroen. That last one might sound intimidating, but we're just a small company, and Jeroen likes to personally meet his future team members! Here’s a brief introduction:

Role: HR assistant & content manager

"At Easy LMS, I wear two hats: HR assistant and content manager. I've conducted countless job interviews, and I still find them fascinating. Trying to understand someone in just an hour is like solving a complex puzzle. After interviews, I unwind by cycling, playing tennis, cooking, or indulging in games like 'Beverbende' or bingo with my young sons!"

Role: HR assistant & COO

"Like my colleague Caroline, I juggle two roles: HR assistant and COO. I really enjoy getting to know people during the interview process. We take time to prepare beforehand, and it pays off with engaging conversations to determine if we’re a fit for one other. We’re a friendly bunch, and want you to feel at ease with us, there’s no formalities here!"

Role: CEO

"We're a tight-knit team, and as CEO, I make it a point to meet all potential hires personally. I like to put a face to the name and hear your story. What do you want to learn? What drives you? I'm passionate about learning myself, and I'm eager to hear your perspective! Do you share my enthusiasm for learning? Some talents I've discovered in myself include gardening, building wooden houses, and everything related to sustainability."

Your conversation partners for the 2nd interview

Your second interview partner depends on the role you're applying for. But you'll always chat with a colleague with in-depth expertise, possibly your future direct colleague. Two of our team members will be present at the second interview, which unfolds in two parts:

  • Part 1:
    • Recap of the first interview. We'll revisit any unclear points.
    • Deep dive into the role. What can you expect? What will you be doing, and what qualities are required?
  • Part 2:
    • Assessment. We'll evaluate whether your qualities align with what we're looking for.
    • Discussion of the assessment. We'll provide feedback and reflect together on your performance. This debrief is perhaps even more crucial than the assessment itself.

Here are a few folks who've helped conduct the second interview:

Role: Senior Back-End Software Engineer - Team & Tech Lead

"I always enjoy chatting with potential colleagues about our field. It's a chance to geek out and see where we can complement each other."

Role: Senior Front-End Software Engineer

"I find discussing the assessment the most interesting part of the second interview! You learn from different perspectives and methods, which is always eye-opening."

Role: Implementation Consultant

"Job interviews are a bit different from my usual demos. But they share one similarity: you've got to get people excited. So, in that sense, I bring some experience to the table. For me, the interview is also a chance to see if there's a personal connection."

Rest assured, there's nothing to fear from us. We're eager to receive your application!

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