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Easy LMS supports distraction-free and self-paced learning. Build learning experiences employees will love and guide them through their entire training. Discover our complete list of features.


Put your customers and their employees front and center

The Academy is an all-in-one virtual learning portal. Create a portal that embodies your customer's brand identity, ensuring that both the customer and their employees feel a strong sense of familiarity. Organizing it is effortless, with the option to divide participants into groups so they only have access to relevant content.

  • All your training under one virtual roof

    Your customers' employees can access any Course or Exam through the Academy. They can’t miss them. No excuses!

  • Insightful and shareable reports for everyone

    Give your customers real-time access to results so they can see their investment in training is worth the money. The visual and detailed reports speak for themselves! Also, the participants can view their progress instantly!

  • Create learning paths

    Do you want to organize your training material in a particular sequence? Create a learning path to help your customers' employees follow that order and provide guidance throughout.

  • Add as many academies as you need

    Are you juggling multiple customers? Create multiple branded learning portals for each customer with different language and login settings. You can also repurpose your learning content in each academy to standardize your training process.

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Give your employees the knowledge to excel

Build unlimited Courses to update your staff’s knowledge. Accessible anywhere, anytime. It works well on mobile.

  • Combine different media in your Course

    Fully customize your Course! Add your own text, videos, audio, images, Prezi presentations, and attach files like PDFs.

  • Add Exams

    It is easy to test whether your employees understand what you have taught them. Add an Exam or practice question at the end or in the middle of the Course. You decide if they need to pass the Exam before they continue to more slides. 

  • Generate automatic certificates

    You can easily set up our LMS to send automatic certificates after employees have completed a Course. Real proof of their achievements! Take it easy and use a template-based certificate. 

  • Set a timer on a Course slide

    The Course slide timer ensures that your employees don’t miss important Course content. They can’t move on until they have spent the minimum time on a slide. Ideal for regulatory purposes.

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Measure your employee’s knowledge

Create unlimited Exams that are challenging and fun! Embed it in a Course, or let it stand alone. Everything is possible. You set the rules like pass rates, availability, and time limits.

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Tracking and reporting

Track progress and gain insights

Keep track of your participants’ progress and create beautiful reports. Identify the knowledge gaps and improve your training materials. 

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Let us do the hard work so you don’t have to

Easy is in our name for a reason. We automate your work when it’s possible. So, you can spend time on the important things: creating excellent training materials.

  • Set up multiple admins

    Create admin accounts with different access levels. That allows you to share tasks with your colleagues. As a global admin, you have a complete overview. But group admins are only responsible for a specific group of colleagues, for example. No further communication needed.

  • Integrate with tools you already use

    Add participants from your CRM and invite them to a Course, Exam or Academy with our API. Or, use webhooks to send data from finished Courses and Exams to your database or other software. And connect with Mailchimp to add your participants to a mailing list. Read more about integrations.

  • Send automated invitations

    Send your entire team an invitation with just one click. They will receive a unique link and password that will give them access to the training materials. The email template is editable. Make it your own!

  • Receive notification emails about progress

    Receive a notification email when someone completes a Course or Exam. The emails contain the test results. Choose which email address you would like to receive this information. Good to know: you can also send notifications to participants.

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Styling and branding

Make your employees feel at home

Give your staff a known and trusted environment. In addition to a professional appearance, it helps participants to focus on the training content. What’s more, all content starts in their timezone.

  • Change logos, colors, and fonts

    Tailor your training material to match your company’s identity. Change logos, colors, and fonts. Apply custom CSS for additional styling options. Also, edit emails that you send from Easy LMS to match your company’s tone.

  • Everything in your native language

    Everything that the employee sees is in their own language. You take care of the content, we take care of the rest. We translate the standard text like buttons, email templates, and more. And to make it easy for you, the admin dashboard is also available in ten common languages. Read more about our multilingual LMS

  • Pick a custom domain for your Academy

    Present a known and trusted environment by adding a custom domain to the Academy. For instance, it will appear as instead of Your employees won’t even notice you are using Easy LMS. 

  • Log in easily with SSO

    Single sign-on lets your colleagues log in to Easy LMS with the same credentials they use for all their applications. At the moment we support these SSO options: 

    • Windows Azure AD
    • CAS (version 4 or higher)
    • OKTA
    • Auth0
    • Amazon Cognito
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