Academy: the way to manage all your training material

Put all your content in one place, create groups, and share it with ease. The Academy simplifies the entire process, especially when you have a lot of training material. 


Publish your content in a fully branded portal

The styling options include everything you need to match it with your brand. Upload your logo image, pick a font, alter colors, and much more. Combine styling with a custom domain, and no one will know it is Easy LMS!

You can also set the language and determine whether participants can view their results from their portal. By letting them view their results, they can conveniently see their progress from their view. Great for their own reference!

Grant access with just one invite and login

It starts with the creation of different groups of participants in your dashboard. Each group has a section where you can assign and remove Courses and Exams. Drag and drop the content into the order that you want them to appear within the Academy. Learning paths take it a step further by making your participants complete the content in that order.

Adding participants to each group is simple with an Excel file or our invitation API. Just give us their names and emails, and we'll generate and send their login credentials!

Separate, view, and analyze results by group

Group results are unique to the Academy. Each group has an overview of Exam and Course results. Filter by content title, date, participant, completion, and (certificate) status. Your selection can be exported to an Excel file. Or export the entire overview to crunch the numbers further.

The Academy also includes a progress report per group. This gives you a quick view of which participants have incomplete content. It includes an option to send reminders.

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