Multilingual LMS: use our tool in your own language

Let your employees experience an LMS that is in their language. You add the content, and our excellent translators will translate standard text like buttons! Training a multilingual team has never been easier.

Train your employees in their own language

Have employees all around the world? Not a problem. The participant interface of our Course, Exam, and Academy is available in:

Arabic Japanese
Chinese Korean
Danish Lithuanian
Dutch Norwegian
English Polish
Finnish Portuguese
French Russian
German Slovak
Greek Slovenian
Hebrew Spanish
Hungarian Swedish
Italian Turkish

We want as many people as possible to benefit from our tool. So, if you miss a language, please contact us!

Work in a dashboard that’s in your language

We didn’t forget about you! Create and manage your training material from a dashboard that is in your language. Currently, we support:

Danish Norwegian
Dutch Polish
English Portuguese
French Spanish
German Swedish

Your understanding of all features will be better, because we use your native language. Get the most out of Easy LMS.

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