Manage user roles in your LMS with multiple admins

Do your colleagues need to create content themselves? Should the managers only see their department? Easy LMS makes that possible with multiple admins!

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Make your colleagues global admins

Global admins have permission to access everything in the Easy LMS dashboard. They can edit any content and view all the results. As an account holder, you are a global admin and have the right to add more admins.

Multiple admins are a must for security and privacy. Each admin gets a separate set of credentials. If a colleague leaves, you can remove them from the account and add someone new. It's secure and easy to manage.

Restrict admin access to particular groups in the Academy

Academy group admins can only access groups that a global admin has assigned to them. Global admins determine whether group admins can manage participants, learning content, or results.

Group admins are helpful when you need to restrict admin access to certain groups. For franchise locations or different departments, you can create a group per location or department. Then add branch managers and department managers to their group.

Create the content, but let someone else manage the Academy

Academy admins have access to everything in the Academy. These admins cannot edit the content. But, they can manage all participants, see the results of all groups, and change the styling.

This role is helpful if you create learning content as a service for clients. You can manage the account and content for your clients as a global admin. When you make your client an Academy admin, they can do the rest, like viewing each group’s results.

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