Fully GDPR compliant LMS

The security of your data is our top priority. The GDPR came into effect on May 25, 2018. We do everything to protect your data and fully comply with GDPR. Do you want to know more about how we ensure security and privacy? Read our frequently asked questions! 

1. Where are your servers located?

Easy LMS runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The servers and databases are physically located in Frankfurt, Germany.

2. How do you protect my data?

We protect your data in several ways:

  • All data is stored in the fully encrypted database which means that data can only be retrieved from the database in specific ways.
  • Any personal data that we request is stored in the database with an extra layer of encryption. Even if the database is compromised, an attacker could not read the data without the key to decrypt it.
  • Passwords are stored using a highly secure hashing algorithm. It is impossible to retrieve the original password from its hash, unlike other data.
  • Passwords are never sent to anyone in any way.

All communication between the client (you) and the server goes through an encrypted connection.

We never share your data without your consent

3. Who has access to my data?

You have access to your data at all times. We can access some of your data, for support purposes and invoices. We never share your data without your consent.

4. Who has access to the database?

Our database is reachable by authorized users only. A separate system handles this authorization, so no Easy LMS account has direct access to the database. This system is reachable only from within our internal network.

5. Can I sign a Data Process Agreement (DPA) with you?

Yes, you can sign a DPA with us. In short, a DPA is an agreement between a data controller (you) and a data processor (us). It is a legal document that states the rights and obligations of both parties. It is a legal framework required by the GDPR, allowing personal data to be sent between different companies.

If you want a DPA, you need to contact our support team by chat or via email at support@easy-lms.com. After receiving your request, we will send you the DPA to sign.

Do you want to get more details about how we ensure security and privacy? Read our Help Article. Our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions contain additional information.